Geotechnical Investigation
  • Soil Investigation
  • Load Test
  • Pile Test
  • Ferro Scanning
  • Wind Tunnel Test
  • Pressure Meter Test
  • Piezometer Test
  • Geophysical Borehole Logging
  • Downhole Seismic Test
  • Cone Penetrometer Test
  • Pressuremeter Test
  • Downhole PS logging
  • Cross-hole Sonic Logging Test
  • Parallel Seismic Test
  • Consolidation Test
  • Grain Analysis Test
  • R-value Test
  • Soil Compaction Tests
  • Cylinder Test
  • Direct Shear Test
  • Soil Suction Tests
  • Permeability Test
  • Unit Weight Test
  • Specific Gravity Test

Geotechnical investigation implies the use of different methods to determine the physical properties of soil and rock below the surface of the earth in a proposed installation site.

Geotechnical Investigation

Geotechnical investigation is the study of the physical and mechanical properties of the soil and rock on which a construction project is to be built. As an engineering consultancy organization, we offer comprehensive geotechnical investigation services to provide our clients with a detailed understanding of the site conditions and the potential challenges that may impact their construction project.

Our services for geotechnical investigation include:

Site reconnaissance: We conduct a site reconnaissance to assess the geotechnical conditions and identify potential issues.

Soil sampling and testing: We take soil samples from the site and perform laboratory tests to determine the physical and mechanical properties of the soil.

Ground penetrating radar (GPR): We use GPR technology to investigate subsurface conditions and identify any potential subsurface hazards.

Borehole drilling: We drill boreholes to obtain soil samples from deeper depths and to assess the soil and rock conditions below the surface.

Foundation recommendations: We provide recommendations for the design of foundations based on the results of the geotechnical investigation.

Risk assessment: We assess the risks associated with the site conditions and provide recommendations for mitigating these risks.

Our geotechnical investigation services provide our clients with a detailed understanding of the site conditions and potential challenges, which is essential for the successful design and construction of their project. With our expertise and experience in geotechnical investigation, we can help ensure that your construction project is completed safely and efficiently.